On Adding Life Into Goals

I initially wanted to write about the two recent daily prompts – one on resolutions and the other on the bucket list. I tried to think of a nice little story, but then something happened. Something that made me wonder how, why and what the purpose of setting goals are in the first place.

goal. noun
The purpose toward which an endeavor is directed; an objective.

I was reading through my old blog posts and came across several goals I made in the last few years. But they weren’t all the goals I made in my entire lifetime. I’ve made so many goals that I probably have forgotten half of them.

Worst of all, I’ve forgotten the journeys I took to achieve a particular goal. For instance, I don’t remember how I studied to score in my Primary 6 or Secondary 3 board examinations. I’m going to swing it and say that I grew a little wiser and by the time I was in Secondary 5, where I enjoyed the process of studying – probably why I can still remember how I manage to get through my exams. Or maybe it’s just a memory that’s not so long ago (although I think 9 years ago is a pretty long time!).

I need to start enjoying the road to success. Little successes.

It’s no longer about setting up goals for our life, instead it’s time to add some life into the goals we set.

Take this for example. Sometime in late November 2012, I told a friend how it would be really nice if my blog could get up to 8,000 hits by the end of the year. It was maybe less than a hundred hits shy from the target I had set but I was determined that I could achieve it.

I continued writing, hoping that maybe the few articles I churned out would help me reach my target and well, keep my blog updated, if all else failed.

And then, BAM! I got Freshly Pressed.

How my mind reacted?

The memory of achieving that goal, thanks to you guys, is fresh in my mind. Probably because I really enjoyed it. There was no monetary reward, nor did I get some sort of trophy that I can show off to the world. It’s true, what they say, if you really wish for something with all your heart, the whole world will come together to make sure you succeed.

Here’s a compiled list of the other resolutions I made that turned out to be successful:

  • Complete my Degree
  • Get a Driver’s License
  • Clear out my flea market stock (left-overs)
  • Successfully publish three blog posts a month

About 6 others are “in progress” – including traveling and cooking more.

And because I want to start experiencing my goals in life a little bit more, I’ve decided to challenge myself with one more .. I don’t know what you want to call it. Goal? Resolution? I just hope that I can learn and grow as a human being by doing this.

  • Book Challenge – I’ve been so inspired by other bloggers that I thought it would be a great idea for me to jump on the bandwagon too. The challenge? To read 20 books by the end of 2013. You can view updates of my challenge on the last widget on your right.

So here’s to setting goals, but importantly enjoying every bit of achieving that goal – from the moment we decide to embark on it, to the hurdles, and if all goes in our favour, to bask in its success.

Image Source: Twisted Sifter


  1. Congratulations on achieving the goals you had set out! It’s easier to set the goals than to actually realize them, so when you finally see that you’re able to check some off at the end of the year, the feeling is priceless. And every new year seems to give that invisible option to start things anew, change around the old, and make improvements on whatever needs redoing.

    Where does this 2013 Book Challenge originate from? I’m curious. I inhale books, and I think this is something I might be interested in. :)

    You have a nice blog here, by the way.

    1. Many thanks for reading the blog!

      It is indeed a relief to be able to achieve things we set out to do. As for the book challenge, however, I’m not sure of its exact origin. I recently noticed a few blogs on my readers aiming for this goals and I simply decided to follow suit.

      All the best for the new year!

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